Paradise tree snake, also called the 'flying snake' - often travel from tree to tree in search of food

code: DSC_2822

Flying lizard (male)

code: _DSC2815

Green turtle off Selingan island, Sandakan

code: _CDP7384

Crocodile in Kinabatangan

code: _DSC0800

Bornean horned frog are well camouflaged on forest floor

code: _CDC3923

Estuarine Crocodile are sighted along Kinabatangan river and sometimes with prey!

code: _CDG7188

Flying lizard (female) benning to molt its skin

code: _DSC2762

Crocodile along the Kinabatangan river

code: _CDD6176

Monitor lizard

code: _CDD9211

Green spotted rock frog

code: DSC_8073

Wallace's flying frog in flight

code: _CDG0442

Paradise tree snake warming before gliding

code: _DSC2699

Flying lizard gliding

code: DSC_6915

Reticulated Python on the prowl!

code: _CDC8880

Flie-eared tree frog

code: _DSC5795

Flying lizard (female)

code: _CDG7290

Wallace's flying frog

code: _CDG9641

Flying Lizard male (left) and female (right)

code: _CDG7163

Agamid hunting bees

code: _CDD2649

Flying lizard molting its skin

code: _DSC2927

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