Malayan tarantula

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Insects of Borneo

Preying Mantis on the hunt!

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Termite 'traffic'

code: _CED1669

Giant ant - Componatus gigas, one of world's largest!

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Giant Cicada - a.k.a the 6 o'clock cicada

Insects of Borneo

Yellow birdwing - Borneo's pride, see it at Sepilok, Danum & Tabin

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Rhinoceros beetle

code: _CID4180

Firefly along Kinabatangan river

code: _CID9992

Millipede rush

code: _DSC3947

Lantern bug

code: _DSC9779

Scutigera in cave

code: _DSC6516

Insects of Borneo

Insects of Borneo

Longhorn beetle - one of the largest beetle in the world! (Believe it or not! found in Sepilok and Danum Forests))

Insects of Borneo

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