Proboscis Monkey

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Bornean Orang utan, Sepilok, Sabah

code: _DSC9028

Proboscis monkey (male), found only in Borneo island

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Red giant flying squirrel at his Best - known to glide more than 200metres!

code: _CDC8882

Orang utans use clump of leaves as an umbrella during rain or shine

code: _DSC8890

Flying lemur or Colugo, known to glide up to 100 metres ! - seen here with baby clinging to its belly

code: DSC_2113

Baby-Silvered langur


Bornean Elephant and young

code: _CID9398

Maroon langur or Red leaf monkey, only found in Borneo island

code: _CDC4237

Proboscis Monkey

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Bornean Elephant - only males grow large tusk, seen in the Kinabatangan

code: DSC_8881

Sumatran Orang utan (male)

code: _DSC6612

Bat Hawk & Peregrine falcon on the hunt of bats at Gomantong caves, Sabah

code: _DSC8312

Bornean Gibbon


Proboscis Monkey


Proboscis monkey leaps from tree to tree in search of food

code: _CDD5120

Red giant flying squirrel at Sepilok, Sabah

code: _CDC8619

Bornean Elephants at Danum

code: _CED5717

Maroon langur or Red leaf monkey mating, only found in Borneo island, seen at Danum Valley

code: _DSC9737

Proboscis Monkey

code: ce5_3102

Red giant flying squirrel, Borneo's most efficient glider (more than 200metres)! - a rare glimpse at daytime

code: _CDC8549

Bornean Elephant, a good rainshower keeps elephants happy!

code: _CED2699

Proboscis monkeys - 'long noses of Borneo

code: DSC_8698


Mammals of Borneo

Bornean Clouded leopard, a rare sighting in the Kinabatangan area

code: DSC_1444

Bornean Elephants at the Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary

code: _CID8734

Bornean Orang utan (Male), full grown male often seen moving on the ground

code: _DSC2123

Proboscis Monkey


Bornean Elephant crossing Kinabatangan river

code: _DSC0602

Bornean Orang utan

code: _DSC4982

Bats emerging from Gomantong caves,Sabah

code: _CED9363

Western tarsier, hunts insects, cicada, grasshopper etc.. 'Gremlins' of Borneo's forest

code: _CED5781

Malayan Bear, Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, Sabah - an elusive animal in the forest

code: _CDC7641

Orang utan mother and young in the nest, seen at Danum Valley

code: _CDC7267

Long-tailed macaque feeding on ficus fruits

code: _DSC8297

Bornean gibbon, up on more than 70metres Dipterocarp tree, Danum, Sabah

code: _CID0694

Bornean elephant along the Kinabatangan river

code: _CDC3535

Bornean Elephant, Danum Road

code: _DSC8237

Proboscis Monkey

code: ce4_2316

Bornean Orang utan, feasting on a ripe ficus along the Kinabatangan river at Sukau

code: _CDC3569

Leopard cat, can be seen along Tabin road and the riverbanks of Kinabatangan

code: _DSC4180


code: _CDC3481

Proboscis monkeys, settles for the night along the riverbanks

code: _CDC0450

Sumatran rhino, Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, Sabah

code: _DSC0465

Bornean Orang utan on 'Fisheye' lens

code: _DSC0679

Mother and Baby Orang Utan


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